2019 reflect

January Reset: ACTION STEPS – Day 22

Action steps for this year:

  • To have at least begun, a new career. Whether that is, like discussed in my previous blogs, a part time Uni course IF I decide to go down that route. Or whether it be the Coaching role being more developed at work, therefore becoming more skilled! OR a new career altogether, we will see. But I cannot be doing the same thing that I’m doing now, as I will drop down dead from boredom. The step that seems more likely is me being more competent at the Coaching role in my Quality team. Which is absolutely fine, but if I can see a career that seems better suited for me (Media degree or something similar, Quality Manager, etc), then that may be more suitable for me. By the time I am 31 (EW!), I want a clear understanding of what career path I am going to go down.