I’m baaaaaaaack


I really really want to get back into blogging, I know for a fact that working on Webchat put me off, as I would not want to face typing again when I went home.

I’m going to TRY however, to post something everyday, I think it’s always nice to look back on and when I find my niche, I can expand on that.

So today, I’m just going to share with you, my plan for the day and how it’s gone so far:

I watched a new programme called iZombie, just out of curiosity. It was alright, easy watch! It was sort of on in the background when I was doing other stuff, then it started to annoy me so I turned it off. I also finished Season 1 of Breaking Bad (10 years later), I’m not that intrigued by it, so don’t feel dying to watch the next ep! I have loads of programmes to catch up on actually, Bates Motel, Gotham.. OMG an idea, I could just review my fave programmes? That would be good! Either music, film or TV.

I rang ee which I have been putting off for a MONTH, purely to leave. I had all my facts straight, how much the deal would be with 3 and in the end, i’ve ended up with a 9.99£ plan, with 5GB and unlimited everything else! So chuffed! The man was lovely, I waited one second till they answered and i dont need a new sim or anything. He said if i even want to change handset, to get in touch with them. Very good service and what I liked about it is:

  • His friendly and calm tone was consistent
  • He spoke conversationally, even when he read T+Cs
  • Said not to worry about calling, always there to help
  • Made it easy for me
  • Structured call well

To go on a tangent, I want to buy:

rose gold iPhone

New bike

Need to go now to finish my application for Quality Aditor, a job so suited to me!