End of Haf rambles

So summer is over! Pissing down outside, classic Welsh weather mind. Summer/Haf was good, last month was an absolute beaut tbh.

Chan had her baby! So i have a little nephew called Harrison who is the CUTEST, Nathan met him yesterday and I think he loves him as well, made me so happy! It is taking a while to get used to, especially calling him my nephew as I sound too welsh when I say it but I can see that Chan and Lee are very happy so I am too.

Went to Lanzarote this year with Nathan which is the coldest summer holiday i’ve ever been on. I needed a jacket all the time, I didn’t even go in the pool. We got quite a tan tho! Just come back from London too and it was sooooo warm! We had a lovely time, hotel was the actual best. Saw Mousetrap! Went to Ripleys and also the sky pod tower! I would thoroughly recommend CitizenM to anyone.

I got the quality auditor role! Last post i said i was going to apply and I did – very happy, actually doing something that interests me and I will be less stressed, better hours, I can actually do stuff! For 4 years i have been living in an absolute bubble. I think i’ve been obsessed with work – the more senior i have become, the harder i have found it to switch off. I remember it taking me a while when I was on sales, but Vodafone…unbelieveable. It’s a mixture of – me caring too much + absolute work overload = stress and anxiety. People who have been signed off for stress as advisors,and advisors who want to be managers don’t understand what stress is, unless they have external factors.I don’t think i will feel that stressed anymore 🙂

NATHAN FINALLY GOT HIS DREAM JOB! I am so proud of him, well deserved and he’s going to be working for McCann and he will be fantastic. I will help him with homework too.

Finally – i’m going to Scotland tomorrow! At this precise moment I cannot be ASSED but maybe tomorrow I will feel more enthused for an adventure. I’m nervous about being on my own see. Wonder what the hotels will be like? The kilmarnock one looks nicer! Don’t know what i’m gonna do on my own tomorrow.