Day 5: five places I want to visit!


New York:

Disney land Paris :

The Caribbean:


Inspired by…


Day 2: Something that someone told myself that I never forgot

That I was negative.

Now, this I cannot disagree with. I really am, when it comes to myself or describing situations and if something remotely annoys me then that’s it – I’ll exaggerate to the max about how shit it is. But to other  people, giving feedback, through coaching in work, just generally to people, I don’t think I’m negative. If someone is stressed, upset etc then naturally, I will try and get them to look at the positives and try to change their mindset whereas if the tables were turned and it was myself that was upset or stressed then I’d be encompassed by a big cloud of negative energy. 

So apart from ruining my own self care, I can’t see what the reason was for said person not wanting to enter (continue) a relationship due to me being negative. As never once was I negative about him but hey ho – wouldn’t be in my current set up now if that chapter of my life hasn’t happened so 🙂

Day 4: Inspiration Station!

I’d probably say my mum actually! She has been through a lot, had to put up with a lot of shite and stay strong for me and my sister. In the past couple of years, she’s finally started to do more of what she wants to do, going to Ska and Punk gigs etc, on her little adventures – still need to get her on a plane mind you!

I won’t go on as I don’t do this soppy bollocks and don’t really open up much when it comes to family but yeah all in all, when I have kids, I will take lots of traits from mother dearest (some I already possess, me being a nag haha) – nice one mum!